Harness the Power of Inclusion.

With the world becoming more mobile and multi-cultural, diversity and inclusion have taken on a new importance in the workplace. It is increasingly essential for individuals to be equipped and empowered with strategies for removing barriers and stereotypes, and to encourage diversity in the workplace and even through their community.

Through rich interactions, engaging dialogue and targeted interpersonal skills development, you will learn to manage differences and create an environment of inclusion that produces strong, innovative teams and leads to bottom-line business results.

  • Understand the unique intersectionality of identity, personal identity and exchange lived experiences with others

  • Examine belongingness as the business case

  • Respond to bias, overcome challenges and talk openly and authentically about diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Discover the neurosciene behind unconscious bias

  • Identify ways to encourage an inclusive culture in the workplace and prevent and discourage discrimination

Course Information

  • Who should attend this class?

    This class is for team members, frontline supervisors, managers, and senior leaders wanting to learn more about building a culture of respect and inclusion within their organization.

  • How long is this class?

    This is a 6 hour, one day signature learning experience.

  • What is the class size?

    The maximum class size is 25 learners to 1 facilitator. We prefer to keep the class size manageable so that you will have our full attention and opportunities for a personal learning experience.

  • Where is the training located?

    This class is offered in a Live Virtual Classroom. We use the Zoom platform and provide learners with virtual classroom links that become accessible upon enrollment.

  • Is there a pre-requisite required?

    No. A pre-requisite is not required for this class. However, pre-work is required and accessible upon enrollment.

  • Tell me more about the FocusWorks learning experience?

    Our instructors are seasoned professionals who lead learners along a guided discovery. You can expect to work closely with them and in small groups of peers throughout the session. You can expect to receive facilitator and peer feedback that will enable you to identify strengths and critical development areas. You will engage deeply with the content through opportunities to reflect, work with others and contribute to elevated discussions. Our proven techniques to accelerate paradigm shifts and application of skills, behaviors and processes on the job and deliver sustained results.

Bring Inclusion to your entire team or organization.

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