Meaningful Communication

Communication is one of those things we take for granted. We all communicate in ways that are unique to us and, while we inherently know what it is that we intend to communicate, we don’t realize that others are hearing something completely different. A tremendous amount of confusion results from unintentional miscommunication, leading to errors, misunderstanding, and conflict. Effective communication requires leaders to be more aware of, and sensitized to the effect of their own communication style and how to relate better to the communication style of others they work with – their superiors and their subordinates.

What You'll Learn

Communication With Ntrinsx is an engaging learning experience that builds on the Getting Started With Ntrinsx session and your own experience in using Ntrinsx on your job. This session is interactive, with activities that are designed to deepen your awareness and sensitivities with respect to the way you communicate and the way you perceive the communication styles of others you engage with.

As a result of attending this session, you will leave with key insights on:

  • Understanding communication

  • Why we communicate, communication barriers

  • Communication by the Colors- application of temperament theory to real people

  • Giving and receiving feedback- a core skill needed for performance management

  • Action Plan – how to apply temperament theory and new communication skills to improve communications on the job

Development for your Entire Team

Team members, frontline managers and mid-to-senior level leaders can all benefit from this course.

Logistics At-a-Glance

  • Duration:

    3 Hours

  • Class Size:

    Maximum class size of 25 participants to one facilitator

  • Location:

    FocusWorks Virtual Classroom

Your Success is our Focus.

Our energizing format brings the content to life through experiential learning, peer learning groups and reflection.

The FocusWorks learning experience includes:

    • Guided discovery with a FocusWork’s certified facilitator, working closely with them and in small groups of peers throughout the session.

    • Self-evaluation along with facilitator and peer feedback that will enable participants to identify strengths and critical development areas.

    • Engaging content with opportunities to reflect, work with others and contribute to elevated discussions.

    • Proven techniques to accelerate paradigm shifts and application of skills, behaviors and processes on the job and deliver sustained results.

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