Because busy-ness does not equal productivity.

Time is the ultimate asset. Our Productivity in the Workplace course helps build streamlined efficiency into how you work and think, effectively freeing up more time resources for use in achieving your goals and adding value.

Gain control over your workload and improve your productivity rather than spend each day in a frenzy reacting to crisis after crisis. You will walk away from this experience knowing precisely how to implement productivity strategies in the real world- replacing bad habits and outdated thinking with new, improved skills, and an awareness on how to handle people and situations that waste your time.

  • Enhance your productivity and improve your performance

  • Improve goal focus and overcome procrastination and classic time wasters

  • Use a consistent method to correctly prioritize work and develop a common language around prioritization

  • Develop an organization system and approach to make your life run smoother

Additional Information About This Course

  • Who should attend this class?

    This class is for team members, frontline supervisors, and leaders who want to learn to prioritize their day, organize their work and maximize the value of their contributions.

  • How long is this class?

    This is a 6 hour, one day learning experience.

  • What is the class size?

    The maximum class size is 25 learners to 1 facilitator. We prefer to keep the class size manageable so that you will have our full attention and opportunities for a personal learning experience.

  • Where is the training located?

    This class is offered in a Live Virtual Classroom. We use the Zoom platform and provide learners with virtual classroom links that become accessible upon enrollment.

  • Is there a pre-requisite required?

    No. A pre-requisite is not required for this class. However, pre-work is required and accessible upon enrollment.

  • Tell me more about the FocusWorks learning experience?

    Our instructors are seasoned professionals who lead learners along a guided discovery. You can expect to work closely with them and in small groups of peers throughout the session. You can expect to receive facilitator and peer feedback that will enable you to identify strengths and critical development areas. You will engage deeply with the content through opportunities to reflect, work with others and contribute to elevated discussions. Our proven techniques to accelerate paradigm shifts and application of skills, behaviors and processes on the job and deliver sustained results.

Bring Productivity to your entire team or organization.

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