Women in leadership face unique challenges.

Women in leadership often feel frustrated, undervalued, and stretched thin as they navigate the unique challenges stemming from systemic biases, societal pressures, and the delicate balance between professional and personal responsibilities. 

When women EXCEL, teams, organizations, and communities flourish.

Research shows when women are well-supported through leadership development programs, organizations thrive, innovation flourishes, and workplaces become more diverse, inclusive, and prosperous.

Are you ready to rise above?

Unleash your potential and excel with the WELL Program for Women Leaders.

The WELL experience isn't just about learning- it's about building meaningful connections, sharpening skills, and empowering women to thrive in every aspect of life and leadership. Through a supportive peer community and blended learning approach, participants will be equipped with practical strategies and tools needed to build confidence, navigate challenges, and lead from a place of authenticity and power.

About the Program

What benefits await you by joining the WELL Program?

  • Proven skills and strategies to enhance leadership impact.

    We prioritize cultivating skills and strategies anchored to six essential leadership behaviors tailored with a focus on the unique experiences and perspectives of female leaders.

  • Powerful paradigm shifts

    Thoughts influence actions. To achieve your desired behaviors, we guide you in recalibrating your mindset to embrace three transformative paradigms.

  • Practical tools that deliver results

    Sustainability is our focus. We provide leaders with practical tools- models, planners, and resource guides, to seamlessly integrate key concepts into everyday life.

  • Peer networks and connections

    Connect with a dynamic community of professional women in leadership.

  • Plan for success

    Craft a focused action plan tailored to your goals.

Multiple Participants?

Explore our scalable pricing options for organizations looking to develop multiple mid-level managers, customize the program to fit their unique context and culture, or host the full program on-site.


  • Is this the right program for me?

    The FocusWorks WELL Program is for women who: are committed to their next-level leadership goals, are looking to expand their professional and personal networks, are established or rising managers, leaders or influencers at their organization in the corporate, government, non-profit, or entrepreneurial sector, and have a minimum of 5 years of work experience.

  • What is the format of the WELL Program?

    The WELL Program is primarily conducted online, consisting of self-paced modules and live virtual instructor-led sessions.

  • How long is the duration of the program?

    The program spans over 6 weeks, allowing participants to engage with the content at their own pace while also benefiting from live instruction sessions.

  • What topics are covered in the self-paced modules and virtual instructor-led sessions?

    The WELL program covers a wide range of topics including authentic leadership development, personal growth, mindset shaping, resilience, and executive presence strategies.

  • Who are the instructors and facilitators of the program?

    The program is led by experienced instructors and facilitators with deep expertise in leadership development, personal growth, and creating inclusive environments.

  • Is there a specific prerequisite or experience level required to join the program?

    While there are no specific prerequisites, the program is best suited for people leaders with at least 5 years of experience who are looking to enhance their leadership skills and advance their careers.

  • How much does the program cost, and are there any payment plans or financial assistance options available?

    The tuition for the program is $3997. An installment plan is available. This program does not accept financial aid or grants.

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