What Ntrinsx Is

Ntrinsx is a patented cloud-based social intelligence database management system. It is a technology solution for social engagement within small teams and across large organizations. Ntrinsx consists of:

  • An online assessment that is quick (under 5 minutes), easy to deploy (built-in email integration), and very accurate.

  • An online dashboard system that is accessible by everyone in the organization via computer, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Automated analytics that show temperament profiles of individuals, groups, organizations.

A Foundation for a Culture of Respect

Ntrinsx gives us insight into the subtle, but important aspects of a person’s temperament. It allows us to think past race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, income level, political affiliation, and many other natural biases we all have.

Ntrinsx is designed to help people understand their own and each other’s intrinsic values and how to interpret behavior. The Gold, Blue, Green, and Orange color profiles are contextualized across the different areas of our lives and provides a comprehensive report for each user.

Clear Results

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Improve team morale

  • Enhance motivation

  • Minimize turnover and absenteeism

  • Stimulate growth and innovation

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

Course Information

  • Duration:

    5 classes, 3 hours each

  • Class Size:

    Maximum class size of 25 participants to 1 facilitator

  • Location:

    FocusWorks Virtual Classroom

Development for your Entire Team

Team members, frontline managers and mid-to-senior level leaders can all benefit from Ntrinsx.

Your Success is our Focus.

Our energizing format brings the content to life through experiential learning, peer learning groups and reflection.

The FocusWorks learning experience includes:

    • Guided discovery with a FocusWork’s certified facilitator, working closely with them and in small groups of peers throughout the session.

    • Self-evaluation along with facilitator and peer feedback that will enable participants to identify strengths and critical development areas.

    • Engaging content with opportunities to reflect, work with others and contribute to elevated discussions.

    • Proven techniques to accelerate paradigm shifts and application of skills, behaviors and processes on the job and deliver sustained results.

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